You want to take the necessary steps to ensure and protect the long-term wellbeing of your family, but the law feels messy and confusing. You know that you should have legal documents outlining your plan or intentions, but you aren’t sure which option is best or actually gives you what you need. 

The problem is, regardless of whether you’re looking for wills and estates documents, a prenuptial or separation agreement, a surrogacy contract, or just a bit of advice, it can feel like traditional law firms don’t have the time to really listen to your story. How is a lawyer supposed to protect your interests without understanding what makes your family unique?

Staci Tannahill-Smith is a lawyer, mediator, arbitrator, and legal coach with a passion for helping families of all shapes and sizes collaboratively prepare for their future. At Tannahill-Smith Legal, our goal is to help you resolve your family law and estate matters as fairly and efficiently as possible, while working towards a collective solution and minimizing conflict.

Preparing for your family’s future doesn’t have to feel like preparing for war

And it certainly shouldn’t leave you more confused than when you started

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“Staci immediately won our trust, confidence, and hearts with her kind, calming, patient, passionate, and professional attitude. From the first meeting on, we felt that we were in good hands. Staci strategically organized our mutual Powers of Attorney, Personal Directives, and Wills, and we felt empowered by her plan to sign a Testamentary Contract to secure our interests.”

- M.M. & G.M.



“Staci is an intelligent, bright, energetic lawyer that listens closely to your comments and takes the time to formulate her response. If she does not readily know the answer, she will do the research and get you the right answer."

- N.P.


“I am so thankful for Staci’s guidance, time and support through a stressful season. She explained and navigated complicated waters in a way that I could understand, and provided a consistent, non-judgemental approach to my story. My son and I cannot thank her enough!”

- K.B.


“At first I was skeptical about using a collaborative process in my divorce, but I’m happy I listened to Staci’s advice. Now I feel confident in my ability to address conflicts as they come up in a more healthy way. I have a better relationship with my daughter now.”

- G.H.


“I appreciated Staci’s gentle approach and masterful way she provided me with exactly the information I needed. I am thankful that she was willing to take the time to provide me with information that truly transformed my thinking and the way I approached my separation.”

- D.S.